Whether you’re planning a big event, a small intimate gathering, or you are planning to elope, I want to give you your wedding, your way. You might want a simple wedding that includes the important legal parts and no frills, or you might want a huge wedding extravaganza! 

Whatever kind of day you want, whereever you want it, I will provide you with the resources you need (or a steer in the right direction) to help you to decide on the type of ceremony you want, what readings you might like (if any), whether you want to include any ceremonial frills or rituals, what music you might like, or give you some ideas how how to achieve something a bit different altogether. You can leave the rest to me - be warned, i’ll ask you lots of questions to write you a bespoke wedding ceremony! I’ll give you a draft to read and approve before the big day, meet with your VIPs if needed, run your rehearsal, turn up on your big day, and i’ll be amp'd up with my madonna mic and ready to marry you on the day!

Or if you want to elope, please feel free to contact me at the marriage register, my premium cosy little wedding service.

Contact me today to tell me all about your plans - I an really excited to hear about them!

Not Weddings

A marriage as defined under the law is not the only option for showing your commitment to your life partner. More and more Australian couples are choosing to live in committed, domestic partnerships that are not traditional ‘marriage’ as defined by the Marriage Act.

According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, even 10 years ago the number of couples living as ‘socially married’ who were not in a registered marriage under the Marriage Act was over 1.1 million – at that time, that was 15% of all couples who identified as married.

So if if you’re in a committed, loving relationship for life, but you don’t want to marry I won’t marry you while you publically display your affection! That way you don't miss out on the embarrassing speeches, but there's no paperwork to do or Commonwealth or State acknowledgement of your relationship status. 

Contact me today to discuss how I can craft the best Not A Wedding of your dreams.

We Still Do – renewing your vows

If you want to celebrate an anniversary, reaffirm your commitment after a rough patch in your marriage, want to show your family how much you still care after years together, or want a bigger party than you had the first time around, a We Still Do ceremony is are a great way to renew your commitment to your life partner.  

celebrate your child

While I am primarily a marriage celebrant, I adore children and I love celebrating the things they do. Recently I got an entire conference to cheer on my oldest child’s toilet training - because why the hell not! I have children, I was a child once, and I used to teach singing and drama to children, so I firmly believe that they should be celebrated every day (although perhaps not when they're not drawing on the walls...).

So if you want a beautiful naming ceremony, or you just want to celebrate something awesome your child did or some milestone, I’ll work with you and your village to create a celebration worthy of their awesomeness!!

A little something extra?

If you ask me to, for a small extra fee I’ll:

  • MC your wedding. Cos it’s fun and I love receptions!;

  • Design and arrange printing for your Order of Ceremony (if you want one); and

  • Source accessories for any inclusions in your wedding (candles, sand, wine, stone etc).


I charge a professional fee for my Celebrant service, as well as the cost of travel outside of the greater Canberra region (travel will be quoted to you after our initial meeting based on the location of your ceremony).  Contact me for a quote today.