My Vows to You

I am bound by the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants. This Code sets the minimum standard I am expected to apply to my work for you as a registered marriage celebrant. You can find a copy of the Celebrant’s Code of Practice here.

In the spirit of the Code, these are my vows to you.

I will be professional

I will provide you with a professional, ethical and quality service and I will deliver the best level of support and service for your ceremony that I am capable of.

I will be polite, friendly, respectful and friendly.

I don’t promise not to swear in our meetings, but I won’t if you tell me you don’t like it.

I will respond to you

I will reply to your messages to me by close of business on the next working day. But if you tell me that your message is urgent, I will respond within 2 business hours or earlier if you need me to.

If I’ve missed your direct message and haven’t got back to you, tell me and I promise to try not to let it happen again.

I will value youR INPUT

I will listen to your stories and your thoughts, and I will speak to you both as equals.

I will give you choices that help create the ceremony you want.

I will craft a ceremony that I think best reflects what you tell me you want for your day. Because every ceremony should uniquely reflect you and I want to give you that.

I will value your time and your day

I will ask you to give me information so I can prepare your paperwork and your ceremony with enough time for you to check them and to tell me if you’re happy.

I will tell you when you can expect your paperwork and ceremony from me.

I will commit to the timeframes I give you. If I need to change the timeframes I give you I will let you know why.

I will show up when I say I will on your day and will set up before your guests arrive whenever possible.

I will disappear in a metaphorical puff of smoke at the end. I will wish I had the wizardry to make it an actual puff of smoke because that would look awesome.

I will treat your information with sensitivity and keep it confidential.

I will have systems in place in my office, and in the technology I use, to keep your information confidential and I will keep it only as long as I have to. If I stuff up, I will fess up as soon as I know. I will be mortified that I have let you down. And I will fix the issue.

I will seek feedback from you

I will welcome any unsolicited feedback you and your guests give me.

I will also send a formal survey twice a year – so if I’ve married you already, you will get one.

I will love you and your quirks. And I can’t wait to get to know you.